Wake Up to Advent!

Time is precious.

I am glad that you are taking the time to read this, and I know myself the temptation to think, especially at this time of year, “I don’t have time for this!” when faced with what seems a mountain of work, engagements, carol services, emails, more carol services, school assemblies and yet more carol services.

So who’s got time for Advent?

Time is, of course, a word with more than one meaning, and this is true in Scripture as well as in common English. The Greek word kronos means the chronological kind of time, the kind of time that is precious because there’s only a certain amount of it and it passes steadily on. That’s the kind of time we’re tempted to want more of when we’re busy. But perhaps the kind of time we should be looking for more of is kairos, time in the sense of a single occasion, a moment. This kind of time is precious because it is an opportunity, a moment not to be missed.

In my Advent Book, I encourage us to Wake Up, Clean Up, Feed Up and Grow Up. So, friends, as Christmas approaches, let us make these resolutions each day.

  • Wake Up! Don’t sleep through the alarm clock! The day that lies open before us, to be infused with the presence of God and the promise of his new life. Be awake to Christ’s coming into each new day.
  • Clean Up! Don’t miss your turn in the shower! Allow God to wash you clean by his grace, and stand still long enough for him to do it!
  • Feed Up! Don’t skip breakfast! The most important meal of the day is God’s Word, which keeps us alive and healthy
  • Grow Up! Don’t miss the chance this Advent to allow God to bring you further towards maturity, so that we may be ready to serve the Bridegroom when he comes.

So may you have a very Blessed Christmas – when it comes. May you savour the waiting and enjoy the journey along the way.

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