The Bishop of Selby, Dr John Thomson, writes:

Climate Change

‘The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it’ (Psalm 24 v1)

May is the month when I see more cyclists on my favourite loops around Selby. This tells me that the climate is changing. May brings longer days, warmer weather, beautiful blossom and a desire to be outdoors.

Over the last year we’ve become much more aware of creation and the climate as a result of the pandemic. Restrictions on our movements have meant that many of us have walked or cycled around our localities and seen them with fresh eyes, appreciating their beauty and wonder even in the depths of winter.

Climate change is on the agenda of the world this year. In November Britain, in partnership with Italy, will host the COP26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow whose aim is to get countries across the globe to commit to reaching net zero carbon emissions as soon as possible. The Church of England is aiming to do this by 2030 and our Green Ambassador, the Revd Jan Noble, and his team, will be helping us do this in our diocese.

Climate change is also on the agenda of our diocese this year as we go through the Consultation with deaneries and parishes about how we will live Christ’s story over the years ahead. This refreshing of our vision and strategy involves praying that God will change the climate of our hearts so that we can witness to his love more faithfully and fruitfully.

Climate change in the world and in the diocese impacts poor communities the most. This is why we must change our ways. In the wider world we must change how we live, consume and travel. In our diocese climate change means seeing how our time, talents and treasure serve our poorest parishes.

This month the York Diocesan Leadership Team will be assessing the outputs from the first stage of the Consultation with the Deanery Leadership Teams. Next month the parishes will be invited to engage with the Consultation. To see global and diocesan climate change needs all of us to pull together, to see each other as part of the global and diocesan community and to commit to a better future.

Please join me in praying that we will be found faithful in God’s sight.