The Bishop of Whitby, Paul Ferguson, writes:

The Triangle of Support

No matter how long it is since we left school, there’s one thing about July that we can never forget: the end of the school year and the start of the summer holidays.

We all have memories of leaving a familiar desk and classroom behind, and then finally leaving school altogether. Thousands of children in our Diocese will be making one of those transitions this month. It’s a big step.

So I’m writing this letter ‘to the saints of the Diocese of York’ partly to ask for your prayers for all the school students in our communities between the Humber and the Tees, and partly to give a shout-out for the staff and governors who work so hard so that the young people can have the best possible experience, nurture and support.

It is hugely demanding, and for many, however dedicated they might be, it’s stressful.

We’re blessed in the Diocese of York to have four Church of England secondary academies, and well over a hundred church primary schools and academies. They are a vital part of our mission. You can read more about them and our diocesan support team at

And let’s remember the many faithful, worshipping people who are teachers, governors and supporters in non-church schools. Many of those schools are very ‘church friendly’ and it’s great to see strong links.

It’s often said that it’s a hard time for young people to grow up and find their way in a rapidly-changing world: so it’s all the more important that children are helped to grow up safe, knowing that they are loved, and with a healthy approach to learning and faith, for which there’s nothing better than the triangle of support in home, school and church.

Please keep them, and all who serve them, in your prayers.

+ Paul Whitby