Believe yourself to be a source of joy to God

‘Discipleship’ has become a popular word in Church circles. But what does it mean?

First of all, ‘discipleship’ is not a course or a programme. It is not about a particular church tradition or style. Nor is it an optional extra for the enthusiasts or those very “keen-types”. Discipleship is not another demand in the Christian “job-description” to keep us busy from mischief but sadly leaving us feeling guilty.

Secondly, ‘discipleship’ lays down the conditions, given by Jesus, for anyone who would respond to his gracious invitation to become His disciple, His follower, His learner. That is:

  • Commitment, surrender, and complete allegiance to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom - of Justice, Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit – takes precedence over everything – including family ties and friendships (Matthew 16: 24; 10: 37; Mark 8: 38; Mark 10: 17ff). Jesus Christ must be Lord of all or He is not Lord at all.
  • A child-like disposition with a willingness to listen and obey the commanding voice of God is required of anyone who would be a disciple of Jesus (Mark 10: 13 – 16).
  • And their character is one of caring for themselves as well as for others – especially those in the household of God and those on the margins of society (Matthew 25: 31ff).Their response to Jesus’ speaking and calling them to receive His “authority” to go to “all the nations in his powerful presence is: to Go, to Baptise and Teach others to Obey everything Jesus had commanded (Matthew 28: 16-end). Making and nurturing disciples in the power of the Holy Spirit.

When we feel we are not up to this calling and commission, the Holy Spirit is already down to it. Be thankful! The Risen Lord is ‘with us always, “God with us”, to the end of the age’.

Let us Worship, Adore and Obey him. “Believe yourself to be a source of joy to God.”

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