Information for Treasurers and Deanery Financial Advisers

The deadline for holding Annual Parochial Church Meetings (APCMs) in 2020 has been extended from 31 May to 31 October.

The impact of this on the two separate finance returns is:

  1. The Return of Parish Finance
    This relates to the completion of the online form that is required by the National Church in order to understand the finances of the Church of England across the Country.
    The deadline they set for this year had been changed previously from 31 May to 15 June 2020.
    Parishes are being encouraged to still submit returns by this deadline where the 2019 information has been prepared and examined, or as soon as possible thereafter. There is no need to wait until after they have been reviewed by the APCM before these returns are submitted.

  2. The ‘Annual Report and Accounts’ for 2019
    The deadline for the Annual Accounts to be submitted to the Diocesan Office has been extended to the end of November 2020. The Annual Accounts includes the accounts, the trustees report and the independent examination as reviewed by the APCM.
    However, given that some 2019 accounts are already starting to be submitted, the Finance Team thought it would be useful to send a reminder regarding the financial annual returns that are required relating to the year to 31 December 2019.

a) General guidance
- Download advice here

b) A model set of receipts and payments report and accounts (taken from the PCC accountability guide 5th edition) in both a word and excel format so you can choose to use as a template. Unlike for the Trustees’ Report, there is no prescribed format for the Accounts, but this gives an example that could be used.
- Download Model set of Receipts and Payments Accounts
including Trustees’ Report and Accounts(Word)

- Download Example Accounts section (Excel)

c) An example independent examiners report
- Download Example 2019 Independent Examiner’s Report (Word)

d) Guidance notes on each of the sections required in the trustees annual report from the Parish resources website
- Download Trustees' Annual Report Guidance (PDF)

e) The full copy of the PCC accountability guide
- Download PCC accountability guide (5th edition, PDF)

f) Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers (ACAT) - the Diocese has membership which is available to all our treasurers, please contact the Diocesan finance team for login details if needed.
- Download the ACAT handbook (PDF)

If you have any queries on any of the above please do contact the Diocesan Office finance team ( or your Deanery Financial Adviser.

  • Please send us the annual reports and accounts by email if at all possible (not posted as has been asked for in the past). At present it is only possible to collect posted items from the Diocesan Office building once a week.