What do we need to submit and by when?

The returns you are asked to submit fall into several parts, with the following deadlines in 2021:

  1. Statistics for Mission – national target date 31st January.
  2. Return of Parish Finance – by 18th June (to allow parishes sufficient time to prepare the figures from the independently examined or audited financial statements that will have been approved by the PCC).
    ***Please note that for 2021 only, the national church is accepting entries until the end of July***
  3. Annual Report, Accounts & Budget - no later than 28th June (within 28 days of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, which must be held between 1st January and 31st May). In addition to the accounts themselves this includes the Trustees' annual report and the independent examination.
  4. Electoral Roll - 31st May.
  5. Charity Commission - 31st October.

Where these make use of the Church of England Online Parish Returns System, you can find further information and advice on our own Online Parish Returns System page.