An A to Z of Fundraising Ideas

A Abseil from the church tower – sponsorship and a head for heights required!

B Book Stall – we all have books at home that we no longer want, so turn them into cash by holding a book stall.

C Change makes a difference – did you know that a Smartie tube holds 27 £1 coins? Give every member of the congregation a full tube of smarties and ask them to return the tube when the smarties have been eaten and the tube’s full of coins

D Dancing is a fun way to socialise. Will your church hold a Barn Dance, a Tea Dance or a Salsa Night?

E Exhibit something – perhaps art or craft work or flowers? After all your church is a great venue for a display.

F Face-painting can be fun for the young and young at heart!

G Guessing games - how many sweets in the jar? How much does the vicar weigh? How high is the tower?

H Hang Up! Do you know someone who’s always on the telephone? Ask them to give up their habit for a week and donate the money they’ve saved to your cause.

I Indoor Games Night. Anything from dominos to Wii!

J Jumble Sale. A traditional favourite!

K Knit something special and raise money by selling it – or maybe a Karaoke night would be more your style?

L Lunch with a guest speaker – perhaps you could make a date with your Bishop or Archdeacon?

M Morning Coffee? Perhaps in combination with some of the other ideas on the list?

N National Event – a themed event celebrating the culture and cuisine of your chosen Nation.

O Olympic Challenge – a fun afternoon of games. Welly wanging and sack racing are the order of the day!

P Parachute Jump – like the abseil above, it’s not for the faint hearted!

Q Quiz night – perhaps there’s a Mastermind in your congregation just waiting to be discovered!

R Recipe Book – a collection of local favourites could raise some dough!

S Sponsorship – walking, running, shaving your head, getting your legs or back waxed could all be turned into a sponsored event!

T Treasure Hunt – in cars or on foot, around the parish or benefice.

U Undress for a good cause? Take a leaf out of the Calendar Girls’ book – but all in the best possible taste, of course. Or perhaps a University Challenge style quiz would be better?

V Virtual Challenge – with an exercise bike or rowing machine you could go anywhere – set yourself or your team a challenge and ask people to sponsor you

W Wine Tasting or a Wine and Cheese Evening? There are 100s of combinations to try. Or perhaps a variation on a theme with strawberries and champagne?

X Xmas Cards – either making them and selling them; or maybe NOT sending them and donating your saving to the church?

Y Yoga – it could be a class for beginners or a marathon for the more experienced?

Z Zip Wire – definitely in the same category as the Abseil and Parachute Jump suggestions!

There are of course 100s more events that you could hold, and it’s important to pick the event that is most likely to be successful in your local community.

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