Money for projects, not for day-to-day expenditure

It’s important to be aware that this fundraising advice is for particular projects – like funding a youth worker for a year, or repairing your roof – not for paying the regular bills and parish share. You wouldn’t have a car boot sale to raise money for your gas bill at home, and the same principles apply at church!

If you need help raising money for the day to day running of your church, look firstly at your expenditure, and how you are spending the church’s money. It might be useful to do a Parish Spending Survey on what you spend your money on, and how you might be able to buy your utilities etc more cost effectively - the Parish Resources website has good information on this.

Staying within the Law

The Institute of Fundraising produces a range of factsheets that will help you organise events safely and within the law. The key ones of relevance to community fundraising are:

  • Charities working with businesses
  • Charity challenge events
  • Event fundraising
  • Fundraising in schools
  • Handling of cash donations
  • Raffles and lotteries
  • Volunteer fundraising

The Charity Commission also provides guidance to Trustees on fundraising.

Marketing your event

To market your event – try using: