This reveals the great value of Gift Aid to your Church and every Church. It also highlights the importance of maximising the use of Gift Aid in all our Churches.

There are two main ways that Gift Aid can be claimed:

  1. The standard way is for the donor, who must be a tax-payer, to sign a one-off Gift Aid Declaration Form. Those who give to the Church regularly are encouraged to use this method.
  2. Another way is through the Small Donations Gift Aid Scheme. This enables the "tax" to be reclaimed on individual donations from non-tax payers of:

The threshold for such claims is ten times the amount of Gift Aid donations with an upper limit of:

For donations from April 6th 2017, all PCCs, or charities registered for Gift Aid with HMRC, are able to use the scheme as long as you have not incurred a penalty relating to a Gift Aid or GASDS claim in the current or previous tax year. For donations prior to this, you will be eligible if you have:

Comprehensive information and guidance about using Gift Aid in a Church context, including various fact sheets, can be found on the Parish Resources website here.

Guidance and information about Gift Aid can also be found on the Stewardship website here: