Visitors who come to our Churches often like to make a donation.

However, in these days of card transactions, fewer people carry loose cash. So when visitors wish to make a donation, many find it more convenient to give by texting a number on their mobile phones. This facility can be set up for free for your Church through JustGiving. There is no membership fee and no percentage charge is taken from donations. (The donor may be charged for their text message at standard message rates.)

When you register with JustGiving, your Church will be given a free text code of four letters and two numbers that you can choose (eg GIVE67). Donors can text £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 by texting this code, followed by the amount to a five digit number. JustGiving will also provide free posters, stickers and a banner to display your Church’s text code.

JustGiving will also claim back the Gift Aid for your Church on these donations and will make the payments to your PCC by cheque or by BACS.

It is not recommended that this method of giving is used by regular worshippers, but by visitors to our churches. For example:

  • For those attending baptism or wedding services

One Vicar began a service by asking people to turn their phones to “silent” and explained that they would need them later. After an excellent service, he invited those present to reset their phones and, if they wished, to mark this special occasion and help support the church by texting £5 to “12345” with the code “GIVE67 £5”.

  • For those visiting historic churches

As visitors leave the building there can be a sign inviting them to give “towards the cost of the upkeep of this historic church”. This is more secure than having a collection box.

This additional method of encouraging donations will not bring in a huge amount of money, but every little helps.

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