In the Diocese of York, Clergy and Parish Safeguarding Representatives (PSRs) are being asked to check their records for all known incidents of concern about the behaviour of church officers within their parishes (both non-recent and current).

Incumbents and priests-in-charge in the Diocese of York were sent a letter from Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu and the Submission form on 9th January 2020: these may additionally be downloaded below:

The same information has been sent to churchwardens of parishes in vacancy and parishes where the incumbent is currently unavailable (e.g. on sabbatical). A copy has also been sent to all Parish Safeguarding Representatives.

Two other documents may be of help:

In his letter, Archbishop Sentamu said:

"Incumbents, with the support of their Parish Safeguarding Representatives, are asked to check that all known instances within their parishes both historically and currently have been notified to the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, and any which have not are reported immediately."

Parishes were asked by Archbishop Sentamu to respond by the end of February 2020.

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