The Church of England’s safeguarding policy statement ‘Promoting a Safer Church’ outlines the Church’s commitment to promoting a safe environment and culture across all Church bodies1 for children and vulnerable adults.

One way in which the Church aims to fulfil this commitment is by setting out safer recruitment/appointment processes and ensuring continued vigilance once someone is in role. “Safer Recruitment and People Management” goes beyond simply obtaining a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Certificate. The reality is that many people who have abused or will abuse in positions of trust do not have a criminal record.

  • 1“Church bodies” include parochial church council (PCCs), diocesan bodies (including Diocesan Boards of Finance (DBFs) and Diocesan Boards of Education (DBEs)), cathedrals, religious communities, Guild Churches, theological educational institutions (TEIs) and the National Church Institutions (NCIs). This policy will apply to the whole of the provinces of Canterbury and York (including the Diocese in Europe subject to local variations/modifications). There is also an expectation that the policy will apply to the Channel Islands and Sodor and Man unless there is specific local legislation in a jurisdiction that would prevent adoption.

Safer Recruitment and People Management Guidance | The Church of England