Interactive Prayer website

We are delighted to announce that we now have a bespoke website for children and young people to use to create prayers in a variety of ways.

Take a look at:

Thankful and Hopeful prayers from children and young people in the Derwent Ings Benefice

Prayers from Harton Benefice

Prayers from the Wednesday Tea Time Club, St Oswald's, Oswaldkirk

SUNNY 7 yrs "God I pray the world to not have Climet Change. God I pray poeple to not fight. There should be peas to the world. And poeple to love."

JAMES 7 yrs "Dear God, Please can you stop Caronovidus because we have been socially destancing for a long time and we haven’t seen Grandma and Grandad in ages.Please look after other people in the world. Amen"

ELLEN 8 yrs "Please may you try and stop coronoviris so I can see my Grandparents and give them a gigantic hug and make sure everybody is safe and well. Amen."

ISABEL 8 yrs "Dear God, Thank you for the world you created. Thank you for my family and friends. I pray for all children that they will have homes to be safe in. I pray for world peace and that Covid 19 will stop so we can visit each other. In Jesus name. Amen."

TOM 9 yrs "Dear God, I pray for world peace, Covid 19 to stop, everyone to have a home, to have enough money. My family to be safe and that I have a pet kestrel and also that I go on holiday to Sweden. In Jesus name. Amen."

CATHERINE 9 yrs "Dear God, Please help me to be a better person. Please look after the ones I love: Mum, Dad, Naimh, + 17 others, Uncle Bob, Antony, and Grumps. Keep them all safe. And please look after the soulds of granny, Ivan and Davida. Amen."

Prayer pointers

  • Give thanks for Matt Seymour and all his hard work putting the service video together. Pray that many people in the Diocese will watch the service and be affected by the words of the children and young people taking part
  • Give thanks for all the Deanery Synods and Chapters where the Children of Light Festival has already been on the agenda. Pray for the Deanery Champions as they settle into their role and discover the opportunities and challenges of enthusing their deaneries about the Children of Light Festival
  • Pray for the schools - staff and pupils - as they head towards the Easter holidays and engage with various resources that they can see the light and not the darkness
  • Give thanks for the creative ideas already been put into preparation regarding the Exploring Easter resources. Pray that many children, young people and their families will have a tranforming encounter with Jesus through them
  • Give thanks for the positive response so far to the art competition and pray that it will be a real celebration of creativity
  • Pray for the creation of the Children of Light resources - that they are God inspired