Message from Donneta one of our Expert Practitioners

Our aim is to:

We are available to visit any parish or group of leaders to talk about your own situation, to support ongoing work or help you develop new ideas. We can run training for you in a parish or for a group of parishes or Deanery - from a general course on engaging children and young people in the church to specific issues or needs you might have. We also have many resources available for you to borrow or browse. Please do get in touch;

Children and Youth Support Network

Our aim is to provide a network of local support from a network of local 'expert practitioners' who can offer encouragement and advice based on their own specialist knowledge and experience

Become a consultant...

If you feel that you have a particular area of expertise or experience that you would like to share, please contact us;

So for instance...

  • if you are thinking about starting a family meal gathering or a 'Messy Church', contact us and we will arrange a conversation with someone who is already running a successful one and can help you through those 'teething problems'
  • if you want to think strategically about how you can develop engagement with children and young people in your area, we can send a consultant to spend a day with key, interested people to help you dream dreams and make plans
  • if you want to run a holiday club, but you don't know where to start, we can provide an adviser who can get you up and running
  • If you have an active, well attended youth club but you want to do more 'God stuff', then we can get someone to call you to give you tips on how to make that happen effectively
  • if you need someone to run the children's and/or youth work for your church weekend away, we can give you contact details of people who have done similar things elsewhere

Support Network Directory

  • Olivia Seymour is the Assistant Director of Education and is tasked with helping churches develop creative ways to support their local schools
  • Jonny Price works for Church Army. He is an experienced youth worker who is currently completing an Post Graduate dissertation on Generation Z.
  • John and Vanessa Pearson run the Doorways Youth Centre in Saltburn and bring years of experience in pastoring young people with a variety of needs.
  • Abi and Jonny Hedges run a youth ministry charity in Redcar called Blank Canvas. They have many years experience working for a large church in London.
  • Donneta Thomas is the children and families minister at All Saints Northallerton.
  • Claire Bower is the children's & families worker at Clifton parish Church.
  • Emma Perkins is the children's & youth worker at Holy Trinity, Heworth.