BUT, you shouldn't just get on and do it; there is a process to follow. In 2006 General Synod agreed to make it possible for parishes to admit baptised and suitably-prepared children to take communion if they want to. Archbishop Sentamu gave his approval in 2007 for parishes in this diocese to apply for permission to do so.

How this is done is laid out in the guidelines you can download at the bottom of this page and it is quite straightforward, so don't be afraid. Your PCC must decide whether or not it wishes children to be allowed to receive communion before they are confirmed (but this decision must follow a process of asking what people in your church want - including the children).

If the PCC decides to go ahead it is then up to individual children, with their parents agreement, to decide if they want to receive communion after they have been prepared.

This is a tremendous opportunity for children and young people in the Church of England to be able to participate FULLY in our worship. It may raise other questions in our minds, but let us make sure we don't withhold any opportunity for our children and young people to receive God's love and blessing.

We like to share with you some stories of those parishes and young people who have decided to take up this opportunity. If you would like to tell us what it was like for you, please do get in touch.

The full guidelines can be downloaded from this page along with additional material to help the process.