Has your parish been using the '5 Marks of Growing' material? Have you thought about using these themes with your children or young people?

The Children and Youth Team have produced some materials to help you look at the '5 Marks of Growing' with your groups. The materials are free to download at the bottom of the page and cover 5 different areas:

  • growing in Christ-likeness
  • growing in influence
  • growing in partnership
  • growing in numbers
  • growing in commitment

There is also an introduction to help you think about how to use the material and to begin to think about 'growing' with your groups. There is no fixed session plan but a mix of ideas from which you can pick something that might suit your group(s). You can add your own ideas, adapt and change what is there so that it fits best for you.

We hope you will find it helpful and that your children and young people will enjoy the opportunity to join in the conversation that the rest of your church might be having about 'growing'.