Black Lives Matter resources for use with children

Many people might be struggling to know what is best to say to children about the Black Lives Matter issues and protects.

This helpful video explains some of the issues clearly and calmly (albeit from a white perspective) and makes the really important points that no-one is too little to make a difference, and that it is really important to talk to your grown-ups about what you are feeling.

Anna Skate, who produced the video, runs, in order to help children realise they have a voice and how they can use it. There are some free downloadable resourceson the site; Resources | otterly (

Another American resource, but this list of anti-racism resources for use with children and young people is really comprehensive

My colleague Margaret Pritchard Houston, from the Diocese of St Albans has also got a very helpful Pinterest board

Little Worship Company

Little Worship Company’s aim is to see young people across the world deepen their faith and knowledge of Bible truths so they grow in confidence in God and are equipped to develop their relationship with Him in to adulthood.

Founded in 2019, they are a team of highly experienced executives from the entertainment and business arena who have identified a gap in the Christian market for the provision of high quality faith based entertainment and education materials for children.

Little Worship Company has already successfully created a full church and educators curriculum for the under 7s age group as well as devotional material for home use and an award winning App “Little Worship World.”

They have THREE different ways we think that some of our children’s resources could help :

1) free online resources on Facebook

- For your Sunday Service :

A FREE weekly multimedia resource to connect with all ages, for use in the virtual “kids sole” of the Sunday service. It lasts around 10 minutes and comprises : a simple talk + a Little Worship Company song, Bible verse or story + a short prayer to close.

- For home devotions :

A FREE multimedia, bible based devotion to inspire and encourage young families in their faith. It comprises : A Bible Time film from the LWC YouTube channel + some simple questions to chat over as a family + a short prayer to close.

2) Free online resources on YouTube for church and families

They have 57 Little Worship Company resources especially for kids to enjoy with their grown ups. Children can sing along and copy the actions! They can join in the songs by praising God and enjoy the Bible stories, crafts and prayers shown in the videos

3) Resources for the Home

They are also cutting the costs of our devotional books and DVD sets to resource families stuck at home.

These resources and more can be found at our website.

They are really keen to hear from you, please let them know what you value most about their resources and when and where you are using them. If you have any suggestions for fresh content they could be working on - do get in touch with Sally

Top tips for helping children use technology well from Care for the Family

Click through for link to Care for the Family website

Resources for use with early years

We have been recommending Imaginor products to our schools for some time, and now they have produced resources for use in churches with early years.

Jack the loveable Labrador puppet has been a huge success in schools – he’s now returned in this brand new resource for churches.
The two year programme designed especially for 3 – 6 year old children has been developed by Early Years specialists who are also children’s leaders in churches. Worship sessions follow a familiar, repeated pattern with fun songs set to well-known tunes and a variety of learning strategies guaranteed to engage young children in the Bible stories.

Each session includes Hello Time, Story Time, Thinking Time, Prayer Time, Goodbye Time and ideas for practical activities to Explore Together. Jack’s Takeaway, an A5 size handout then provides parents with information about what has been learnt and ideas to talk further with their children at home.

Supporting families with children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Really helpful article about ways to support autistic children in church from 'included by grace', perhaps the most important point being 'get to know them' as each family will be experiencing different challenges and blessings

Diddy Disciples

Diddy Disciples is a resource designed for working with babies, toddler and young children. Why not try one of the free samples available to see if this is something that could enhance your ministry with this age group?

Parenting for Faith

BRF have been busy producing a whole raft of resources to help parents bring their children up in the Christian faith. They are now offering a number of podcasts free of charge, delivered by the amazing Rachel Turner. Definitely worth a listen

Supporting Families through miscarriage

Sometimes it can be really hard to know what to say to a family that has suffered a miscarriage or eptopic pregnancy. The Miscarriage association offers lots of helpful advice and resources

Take 5 and chat

Visit the website for resources and support for those parenting children with additional needs or those working alongside them