Households and families have been thrown into disarray as schools have been closed to non-keyworkers' children and churches and groups have sadly been shut down.

God remains the same though, even though as we experience fear, joy, confusion, boredom, relief, and whatever else may come. He longs for us to rest in his presence and draw comfort and inspiration from his almighty Spirit.

These pages are designed to resources families, households, children's workers and youth workers as they seek to help children and young people grow in knowledge and love of God in these days of isolation. They will be updated regularly, but if you find something that you think might be helpful to others, please let me know. (

If you are concerned about any members of your family that might be struggling with their mental health in these difficult days, then please see this digest of available resources . Our colleagues from the Diocese of Portsmouth have also a list of books which might help children experiencing anxiety.

Early Years


  • Opportunity for children to share their thoughts and feelings about the Climate Crisis. The Church of England invites children to write letters for creation for its Get Your Voice Heard campaign
  • Kidscorner at ReFramemedia offers audio stories and activity resources. A bit American, but bearable and I rather like the fact that the key characters are ugly-looking lizards!
  • LifeExpo, who visit schools and churches with their fully digitally interactive van, have posted a Vimeo
  • Thinkuknow is a great online tool for teaching children how to keep themselves safe online and the games are quite fun! Parents Protect is also helpful


  • Bless My Family Postcard. These postcards could be sent to parents and godparents whom you have got to know through baptisms, but can equally well be shared with grandparents, uncles or aunts in your parish who may be missing their wider family right now. Use the space on the back of the card to include a personal message to the recipient to let them know you are thinking of them. This card is designed to be used with all generations and could also be sent to families that attend Messy Church or a local church school. Available to order £3 for a pack of 20
  • is a mobile phone tool that will help a family at home connect in fun ways and exercise regularly in their house, apartment or local park. With a little creativity, everyone can be fit and healthy, stay connected, and grow in character and faith.
  • Lucy Rycroft - author of children's book Deborah and Jael has got a great blog which offers free resources that might be really helpful for families that are looking for hope in these challenging times
  • Engage Worship are delivering free daily family worship activities with their Engage at Home resources
  • Prayer Spaces @ Home (produced by Prayer Spaces in Schools) is now live and full of different prayer ideas

Young People

Please see the guidelines and permission form, etc. for online youthwork on the Diocesan web pages

  • Don't forget our Youth Curriculum, written by Jonny Price, you can choose one session to go with your theme, or take your group through the whole Bible
  • Youth for Christ have provided three (so far) free youth group resources on their Youthwork Online pages focusing particularly on handling the stress and anxiety of change
  • Opportunity for young people to share their thoughts and feelings about the Climate Crisis. The Church of England are inviting them to write letters for creation for their Get Your Voice Heard campaign
  • New Youtube channel for young people produced by Youth for Christ called IntroOutro
  • BigKids Middlesbrough are doing some online stuff, check out their Facebook page
  • Great online drawing game (Pictionary meets hangman!) - Scribblio

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