National Updates

(03/04/2020) Guidance for schools about temporarily closing

(03/04/2020) DfE statement on mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on the current cohort of NQTs:

(01/04/2020) Mental Health and well-being update

(01/04/2020) Ofsted rolling update

(27/03/2020) Guidance for schools and other educational settings in providing advice about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, updated on March 26 from the original issued on 17.2.20 See

The DfE has also issued a poster about this, see

(26/03/2020) Implementing Social Distancing in Education and Childcare Settings

(26/03/2020) School governance update March 2020

  1. 1. Key guidance
  2. 2. Advice for governing bodies
  3. 3. Additional useful information

You will undoubtedly be following closely the government’s response to the current imperative to protect the public from the spread of COVID-19. This update reiterates the key messages and guidance published by the department in the last week, especially around school closures, and seeks to provide some clarity on specific issues that will be at the forefront of governors’ minds. Department officials are monitoring the situation closely and will provide further information as necessary

(26/03/2020) School Governance information from the NGA

(24/03/2020) Closure of educational settings: information for parents and caters

(24/03/2020) Message from the Archbishop of York: a message of encouragement to all the pupils that were sent home unexpectedly on Friday, some of which were unable to finish their exams. Have a watch and be assured, you will ‘exceed expectations’

(24/03/2020) Message from the Archbishop of Canterbury:

(24/03/2020) From the Church of England Education Office: .We are also providing a link our Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership resources ‘Called, Connected and Committed’ and a regular weekly update which will seek to provide rich resources to support you at this time. This week's Called, Connected, Committed is focused on 'Offering Encouragement' - you can find it here:

(18/03/2020) Staff, parents and young people with questions about COVID-19 related to education can contact the helpline as follows:

Phone : 0800 046 8687


The opening hours are 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday).

The latest guidance for education settings is available on GOV.UK.

Academy and School news and Resources Updates

We are fortunate that Tony Stephens continues to provide us with Academy and School news and resources updates; 59 - This Update begins by covering the news relating to the pandemic since the last edition was issued on March 27; this includes the detailed advice issued today on the process of grading public examinations

The information in this Update, and also 57, 57 supplement and 58, should provide the information schools need to review in a national context all aspects of the virus implications for schools over the last two weeks and also in planning for after Easter

The second part is general education news

To keep up to date with Tony's updates please visit his website regularly (Tony has said that he will be doing more frequent updates during the school closure period).


If you need a reminder of the username and password please email Anita or contact your Adviser.

Collective Worship / Worshipping together at home

(03/04/2020) “Pete-in-Touch” YouTube video that is going out to families/children in the Brayton Parish, Selby, including the 4 primary schools in the parish. Revd Pete Watson is the vicar and a member of the diocesan training team. Pete is planning to do further instalments over the coming weeks that are available to all via the YouTube BraytonParishSelby page.

(02/04/2020) Holy Week @ Home

This year Holy Week is going to be different for all of us, so these resources from the Diocese of York are designed to help families reflect and celebrate at home. These are not collective worship resources but they are for schools to share with families for worshipping together at home as you think appropriate.

Starting with Palm Sunday, they explore the events of Holy Week through the creation of an Easter garden. Every day there are suggestions for things to do and think about, and ideas on how you can create your own Easter garden.

  • Day One Pathways - Jesus’ triumphant entry to Jerusalem
  • Day Two Special places - Jesus in the temple
  • Day Three Water - Jesus washes the disciples feet
  • Day Four Grains and fruit - Jesus shares the last supper with his disciples
  • Day Five Rocks and stones - the Garden of Gethsemane
  • Day Six Wood and thorns - Jesus on the cross
  • Day Seven New life - Jesus is alive!

(02/04/2020) Collective Worship at Home in the Diocese of York

Starting on Thursday 2nd April at 10.00am, you are invited to join Reverend Simon Biddlestone for a weekly Collective Worship broadcast live on the St. Mary’s Church, Church Fenton Facebook page.

Anyone from any school is welcome to join in as we do all of the normal Collective Worship things – tell a Bible story, think together, sing together, pray together and more.

This can either be for groups of children who are still in school or for children currently at home.

For a more authentic experience, try sitting on an uncomfortable wooden floor!

(02/04/2020) Easter materials for families

A series of reflections for each day of Holy Week. The material is free for anyone to download, and has an arty/crafty theme.

Imaginor recently commissioned some stunning paintings from the Ethiopian artist Nebiyu Assefa and these have inspired Journey Into Easter.

The material is aimed at 6 - 11 year olds but hopefully parents will be able to adapt it for younger children in the family and everyone will enjoy the craft!

In this particular Lenten season, the message of Easter seems to have taken on a fresh significance.

(02/04/2020) Journeying with Jacob

The ‘Journeying with Jacob’ materials offer a five-week suite of worship resources for primary and secondary-aged pupils. The ‘Journeying with Jacob’ materials have been adapted from the Diocese of St Albans ‘Lent 2020: God in this Place’ initiative, produced for church schools within the Diocese.

The key text which underpins ‘Journeying with Jacob’ is Genesis 28: 10-22. There are many fascinating themes which permeate this text and are explored over the course of five weeks:

  • Journeying through life
  • Dreams
  • Promises
  • Worshipping
  • Journeying with God

For the school-facing suite (, each week contains a professionally filmed VLOG, three worship plans and a range of creative prayer activities.

For the home-facing suite (, each week contains a professionally filmed VLOG, questions for discussion/think pieces as well as creative prayer activities.

(02/04/2020) Worship at Home

A Worship at Home weekly resource has also been produced, including creative activities, think pieces and prayers that can be used at home or at school. These materials have been created for use by the entire school community, and schools are welcome to share them with children and families through their current remote learning channels. A new resource will be made available each week during term-time. The resources can be accessed here:

(01/04/2020) IsingPop have made many of their songs available on their YouTube channel, great for engaging children at home or school (if you are open for key worker children)

(31/03/2020) Resources that have been written by the Diocese of Canterbury to support pupils and their families in exploring worship at home, whilst schools are closed. Both books are freely available on their website and can be downloaded and used by all.

Book 1 – William and Lucy explore worship at home

Book 2 – William and Lucy tell Bible stories.

They can support schools and their families in thinking differently about the routines of daily school life.

(25/03/2020) Blackburn Diocese have a number of digital resources available here These include podcasts for children and resources for children/youth work at home.

(25/03/2020) God for All in Cumbria have put up a Pinterest page for households:

(25/03/2020) Free film/drama clips for Holy week & Easter from Rhema theatre group:

(25/03/2020) Acts of Worship at Home - Carolyn Brown who curates the #WorshipingWithChildren site has designed a simple act of worship for families at home.

(24/03/2020) Fischy Music are doing online assemblies Join them at:

(24/03/2020) Songs from Rend Co Kids that are suitable for collective worship.

(24/03/2020) If you have young children, you can join Diddy Disciples for Bedtime Prayers at 6.45pm on their Facebook page. Words here

(24/03/2020) Engage at home: daily prayer and worship activities for families.


(01/04/2020) The council for subject associations (CfSA) has collated all the home learning resources from subject associations

(01/04/2020) Barnabas in Schools are producing an expanding range of resources to support RE in the home in addition to the existing material.

Website –

Face book page

(30/03/2020)Home activities for Jorvik -

(27/03/2020) Yorkshire Arboretum

With your children working at home, we have put together two free activity packs to keep them engaged with the outside world: A 'What Am I?' quiz pack to get them into gear in the morning, and an outdoor activity guaranteed to get your children exploring the garden in new ways!

Download your FREE activity packs on our blog at:

(27/03/2020) Libraries 4 Schools

A number of authors, illustrators, publishers and more have come together to offer free activities and resources for those in isolation, or those who are just practising distancing. Libraries 4 Schools have collated the ones they’ve found so far.

(26/03/2020) The Archbishop of York Youth Trust


(25/03/2020) REOnline have produced some home learning resources for RE

(25/03/2020) NATRE/REToday

Keep learning from where ever you are!

To help you during this difficult time, RE Today is supporting NATRE by providing ALL teachers with resources which they can use and share with parents to support with home learning.

They will be adding free resources to this page on an ongoing basis so please keep checking the site.

(25/03/2020) BBC Teaching and Learning Resources

(24/03/2020) The Literacy Trust have a whole host of resources for your Key Stage 1 child to continue their education while at home - from audiobook suggestions, to printable worksheets and much, much more

(24/03/2020) Reading, Phonics and Maths activities can be found at :

(24/03/2020) PE with Joe Wicks PE every weekday morning at 9am on his YOUTUBE channel:

(24/03/2020) Free daily Maths lessons for KS1 and KS2 with video tutorials:

(24/03/2020) The Author of Talk for Writing, Pie Corbett Is on 9.30am weekdays with live daily lessons. There are also support materials available.

(18/03/2020) Number Fun Parent Announcement

Free Home Learning Support

To support your children's mathematical learning through this period of self-isolation and school closures we've decided to offer ALL parents completely FREE access to the Number Fun Parent Portal for 30 days.

The Parent Portal is designed specifically to support learning at home and is packed with fun-filled learning experiences for primary aged children - including videos, songs, games and activities. It includes an extensive set of video presentations to help parents understand some of the newer ideas and mathematical strategies currently being taught in schools.

To gain FREE access to the Number Fun Parent Portal, visit:

(19/03/2020) In response to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, the PhonicsPlay website has been made free to use during this period.

Children can use the site at home without their parents needing to subscribe. To access all PhonicsPlay resources all you need to do is log in using the following details:

Username: march20 Password: home

PhonicsPlay is currently very close to completing a new version of its site that is accessible on all phones and tablets, and will ensure that it's possible for all users freely to access this new version of the site (with apologies for any areas of the site that are not yet finished or double-checked). This site can be accessed at

PhonicsPlay aims to ensure that existing subscribers aren't disadvantaged and will ensure that after the school closures are over and the site returns to normal, existing subscribers have additional time added to their subscription.

If you haven't already discovered you may find these free decodable comics useful at a time when you can't physically exchange your children's decodable reading books.

Mental Health and Well-being

(01/04/2020 Guidance from Winston’s Wish about talking to children about deaths due to coronavirus

(24/03/2020) The centre for mental health have published a helpful briefing on children's mental health during this time

(24/03/2020) How can you make conversations about your child's feelings part of everyday conversation? Here is advice & guidance for parents & carers with children in primary school. Download now:

(Under this one also put from the existing page):

(18/03/2020) Heartsmart

Message from Heartsmart:

We’ve had people asking for a way to access HeartSmart at home for a while... and now seemed like a pretty good time. So we’ve just released a FREE new resource to help with #schoolclosure

(18/03/2020) Prayer Spaces in Schools Resources

Prayer Spaces in Schools have created a handful of 5 simple prayer activities to use in your home with your families, whether you're self-isolating or self-distancing these are fun, practical and simple ways of praying during this time. the themes are:

1. Keep Me Safe
2. Keep Others Safe
3. Get Well Soon
4. Help the Helpers
5. Love > (is bigger than) Fear

You can download them all for free here:

Learn a new skill

(01/04/2020) Those children missing their out of schools clubs, the Girls’ Brigade has just launched some online resources for girls and young women GB@home. GB@Home is a free weekly resource of activities for the 4 age groups they work with to do at home – but suitable for anyone, not just GB members. A new set of GB@home materials will launch every week until further notice.

(01/04/2020) The Boys’ Brigade have a new programme to enable them to continue to reach out and engage children and young people with a fun and exciting programme of activities with opportunities to learn, grow and discover in their own homes supported by parents/carers

(24/03/2020) British sign language classes online

(24/03/2020) 30 days of Lego play

We put together a 30 Days of LEGO Play calendar. It’s a great way to really challenge kids (or yourself) to create something new with their LEGO bricks!

(24/03/2020) Oti Mobuse is offering free dance classes for children ( and adults too) on her YouTube channel