“Pete-in-Touch” YouTube video that is going out to families/children in the Brayton Parish, Selby, including the 4 primary schools in the parish. The Revd Pete Watson is the vicar and a member of the diocesan training team. Pete is planning to do further instalments over the coming weeks that are available to all via the YouTube BraytonParishSelby page:

Collective Worship at Home in the Diocese of York

Anyone from any school is welcome to join in as we do all of the normal Collective Worship things – tell a Bible story, think together, sing together, pray together and more.

This can either be for groups of children who are still in school or for children currently at home.

For a more authentic experience, try sitting on an uncomfortable wooden floor!

Worship at Home

A Worship at Home weekly resource has also been produced, including creative activities, think pieces and prayers that can be used at home or at school. These materials have been created for use by the entire school community, and schools are welcome to share them with children and families through their current remote learning channels. A new resource will be made available each week during term-time. The resources can be accessed here: www.stalbans.anglican.org/schools/worship-for-home.

IsingPop have made many of their songs available on their YouTube channel, great for engaging children at home or school (if you are open for key worker children)www.isingpop.org

Resources that have been written by the Diocese of Canterbury to support pupils and their families in exploring worship at home, whilst schools are closed. Both books are freely available on their website and can be downloaded and used by all.

Book 1 – William and Lucy explore worship at home

Book 2 – William and Lucy tell Bible stories. They can support schools and their families in thinking differently about the routines of daily school life.


Acts of Worship at Home - Carolyn Brown who curates the #WorshipingWithChildren site has designed a simple act of worship for families at home. worshipingwithchildren.blogspot.com

Fischy Music are doing online assemblies Join them at: www.youtube.com/fischymusic

Songs from Rend Co Kids that are suitable for collective worship. www.worshiptogether.com/worship-leaders/rend-co-kids

If you have young children, you can join Diddy Disciples for Bedtime Prayers at 6.45pm on their Facebook page. Words here >> https://c46300a4-2f1d-45b8-abca-22a8546ab143.usrfiles.com/ugd/92d490_2fc3fa7458f245ea86a95fe26d017d3e.pdf

Engage at home: daily prayer and worship activities for families: engageworship.org/engage-at-home-daily-family-prayer-and-worship-activities

It will be available to watch on the church Facebook page afterwards if you can't make it to the live broadcast and it will take place every Thursday at 10am until schools go back, including during the school holidays.