The distinctive role of Foundation Directors / Trustees

Foundation Directors / Trustees are representatives of the Church of England on the Board of Directors / Trustees. They have specific roles and responsibilities which will depend on the type of Church of England academies within the trust. However, in all cases, they should endeavour to cultivate respect for the spiritual and moral beliefs of the Christian tradition, and to create a community in which pupils, cared for as individuals, are helped to find fulfillment as they grow towards adulthood.

A Foundation Director / Trustee will need to be able to understand and articulate the role of the Church in the academy trust and the importance of the distinctively Christian character of Church of England academies within it; encourage and focus debate in key areas; and secure that the Church of England academies within the trust thrive as Church of England academies.

Where there are non-Church of England schools within the trust, their non-designated status should be respected.

Appointment processes and procedures

Guidance on the role of a Foundation Director / Trustee can be found below, along with a summary of our process for the appointment of Foundation Directors / Trustees, the Ethos Undertaking that all Directors / Trustees will be required to complete and our standard recommendation form for potential Foundation Directors / Trustees. (Where particular forms of Ethos Undertakings have been agreed with the relevant multi academy trust, this form should be used.).

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