Commissioning Services

A commissioning service is a great opportunity for parish, governors, staff, parents and pupils to welcome and affirm a new Headteacher as they begin their new role. A commissioning service welcomes the new Headteacher into the school, the parish and into the diocesan family of schools.

Arranging a commissioning service is also a great opportunity for the incumbent to meet with the new Headteacher and governing body to plan such an event.

To encourage and help you to do this we have provided some thoughts and an outline of an order of service (found below). We recognise that the service will be personal to the school and parish and we would encourage you to adapt what is provided to best support you in being able to involve the school and parish community in this celebratory occasion.

Churches and Schools in Partnership in the Diocese of York

Schools have a major place in the life of a community and a church working with a school can make a big difference. Partnership working isn’t wholly about increasing numbers within our churches (although that would be a desirable outcome in itself) but rather it is about building a partnership based on mutual trust, being there for each other and developing a relationship of service to one another.

The Education team have produced a booklet which gives ideas on how to develop the relationship a church can have with its local school so that the children and young people of the parish flourish. A copy can be found below. The Education team are here to help, along with colleagues in the Children and Youth team, so we would encourage parishes to be in touch with any questions or examples of good practice from within a parish context that we can learn from and share with others.