We began using the Pilgrim material a few years ago to form the basis of our adult Confirmation preparation in the Benefice.

The Turning to Christ book was a great starting point and we found it encouraged good discussion and questioning from the participants on the course. We have now started a Nurture Group for these folk moving on to other books from the series.

The use of video and sound clips works well in our small groups – firstly it gives another ‘voice’ in the discussions; important when there may be only a few present at a session. The encouragement to use Lectio Divina at an early stage in faith exploration has led to some surprising discoveries and new understanding. It has also helped to check any instantaneous responses as it allows everyone to have space to think before speaking.

We run one 6 week course each term. We find that people are more willing to commit to a short, sharp burst and make every effort to clear their diaries for that period.

It is our hope that, as the group members grow in their faith and understanding, they will encourage others to take that first step of exploring their faith and so the process will begin again!

Of course, Pilgrim isn’t the only small group material available‚Ķbut we have found that it works well for us at the moment.

Steve & Tricia West

Confirmation Group and Nurture Group leaders, Tadcaster Benefice

[Photographed: Steve, Tricia (right) and Karen, a regular group member]