Thank you for participating in Personal Development in Ministry. If you have any queries, please contact your Sub-warden, Deputy Warden or the Director of Readers Studies (contact details available on the Readers/Who’s Who page). The process is continually reviewed by the Reader Board so please do send any comments on your experience to any of these people.

Licensed Readers

The pattern for development and support for Licensed Readers in the Diocese of York is well established, operating on a three year cycle linked to the renewal of your licence and all licensed Readers are therefore required to take part in it. The cycle of review conversations follows the academic year (September- August) and you will receive an email or letter, when your interview is due, explaining what you need to do.

Readers with PTO

If you are a Reader with the Bishop’s Permission to Officiate (PTO), participation in PDM is voluntary. If you have PTO and wish to participate in this programme, please contact your Sub-Warden.

Trainee Readers

Readers in training will follow their own review and development programme.

Using the PDM forms following the links below:

The PDM papers are designed to be downloaded and completed electronically. If you require a printed copy of the material please contact the Warden of Readers' Administrative Assistant ( or telephone 01642 706095).

The ‘Readers PDM Handbook’ provides a detailed explanation and outline of the process and some suggestions for completing the forms. Please read the Handbook and look at all the forms before you begin your reflections.