This year we will be using a set of themes each day, loosely following the pattern of themes in the Generosity Week Morning Prayer series, to help us reflect on different aspects of generosity:

  • Day One: Generosity in Creation
  • Day Two: Generosity of God's Abundance
  • Day Three: Generosity in Relationships
  • Day Four: Generosity as Gift
  • Day Five: Generosity as Sacrifice
  • Day Six: Generosity as Worship
  • Day Seven: Generosity in Diversity
  • Day Eight: Generosity as Love in Action

Day One: Generosity of Creation

The Revd Jan Nobel reflects on the gifts which God's creation gives to us.

"I was just blown away by the sheer abundance of that gift - where would we be without it? And then there was this invitation, to join the creator on his sustain the life of the earth."

Day 2: Generosity in God's Abundance

The Revd Jackie Doyle-Brett reflects on the abundant generosity of God

"As human beings. making ourselves vulnerable to God's generosity can be a challenge - God how can God continue to give abundantly if our hands are already full?

"God shares with us loving and without condition, and the message is we should do the same. What does sharing abundantly in every good work mean to you in your daily life?"

Day Three: Generosity in Relationships

Dr Helen Lawrence reflects on the place of generosity in relationships.

"If I am to be embracing in my relationships, not because of who I am but in response to who Jesus is, what does that look like?

"Some people are gifted bin making other people feel welcome, some people thrive in buildings relationships with anyone who crosses their path...maybe it's enough for me to look at others and seek to see what Jesus sees, to decide to be generous with my attitude as Jesus is generous towards me."

Day Four: Generosity as a Gift

The Revd Oli Preston reflects on generosity as a gift.

"Our ability to be generous is a gift that we receive from God, about being Christlike, and something we seek to grow in.

"Generosity is a spiritual gift to pray for, to become more Christlike, learning to live in a posture of openhandedness. It's about learning to receive from God then sharing as we see need, and to receive graciously when we have need as well."

Day Five: Generosity as Sacrifice

Sister Heather Francis OHP reflects on giving as sacrifice.

"What do you have that you have not first received? Your duty, your service and hopefully your joy, comes from how you use your assets.

"A Pastor in Syria was once asked, "what do you pray for?"; he replied, "For what we need - then when it comes, we have something to give to our neighbours"."

Day 6: Generosity as Worship

The Revd Liz Hassall reflects on generosity as an act of worship.

"Giving is as much an act of worship as the most heartfelt singing. Giving comes naturally to us as human beings because we are made in the image of God, giver of the greatest gift.

"So next time someone announces that an offering is going to be received, can you rejoice in opportunity to respond to God's love for you in a way that he understands and respects?"

Day Seven: Generosity in Diversity

The Revd Richard White reflects on the place of generosity and sharing what we have in diverse communities.

"The kingdom of God is a kingdom of giving and receiving, built out of relationships. It's a glorious kingdom of creativity and diversity, a kingdom of love.

"And that's reflected in the generosity he calls us to as people of that kingdom, people of love and diversity and creativity."

Day Eight: Generosity as Love in Action

On the final day of our Generosity Week, Generous Giving Adviser Sammi Tooze reflects on how generosity is love in action.

"Every way in which we love one another involves us giving of ourselves in some way.

"Cheerful giving is born of love; giving is the language of loving, indeed, it has no other speech. God so loved, that he gave!" (John Jowett).