This week’s story comes from Phil. St John’s Bransholme does not currently have a vicar but Phil and other local people are at the heart of the church serving within the local community.


Phil’s Story

My name is Phil Sainty, I'm 44 married to Sadie and we have Chloe our daughter who is 11. We live on Bransholme in Hull and I work full time at a local bakery making cakes.

My journey to faith started late in life as it was my daughter who asked about why she hadn't been baptised, I said ‘I haven't been baptised either’ but she answered with ‘Can I get baptised?’ I said I would look into it and so I spoke with Rev Matt at the local church, St John's. We agreed to a naming service first, then to get baptised and confirmed. In the end both me and my wife and child got confirmed about a year later with Bishop Alison, it was wonderful to do this together as a family.

I go with my daughter every Sunday to St John's. I love being part of St John's it’s a small church but really feels like home. I also run St John's Foodbank every Tuesday, with other volunteers from the church. We recently received a letter of thanks from our local MP for all that we do in the community, and a grant from the local council to support the Foodbank, this was an answer to our prayers for the resources that we need.

I enjoy developing my faith with the Mustard Seed programme to learn more about listening to God. I hope it will not only benefit me but the next generation like my daughter as well At St John’s it is our mission to help anyone, we are a church in the community and running the foodbank is part of our outreach. It’s what I love about being part of St John's we always try to make everyone and anyone feel welcome.


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