A letter from:

Nick Land, Chair of the House of Laity
Tim Robinson, Chair of the House of Clergy

Dear Friends

Over the next few years General Synod will take a lead role in shaping the future vision and strategy of the Church of England. Nationally as a Church we will be working out together what it means to be both centred on Jesus Christ and shaped by Jesus Christ. We will be planning how we double the number of children and young people we disciple by 2030 so that our church is younger. We will be exploring how we can be missionary disciples, building on our Parishes and also reaching out to see Churches planted both physically and digitally across our communities. We will be working to make our Church ‘Simpler, Humbler, Bolder’.

A new General Synod must be elected in 2021, and this is your opportunity to ensure that the Church of England’s ‘Parliament’ represents your views, opinions and beliefs.

The General Synod is made up of bishops, clergy and laity from every Diocese of the Church of England. It has the responsibility to make decisions about worship and doctrine, to pass legislation, to decide about the finances of the Church, to debate moral and social issues and to respond to national and international events. As well as the new Vision and Strategy, the next General Synod will have other significant areas on its agenda including Racial Justice (following on from the ‘Lament to Action’ report, the Environment and the Church’s view on Human Sexuality that is being explored in the ongoing ‘Living in Love and Faith’ process. If you would like to stand for election, you will need to be able to give a reasoned response to these matters, reflecting your own views and the views of those who elected you.

If you are a lay person over 18 and a communicant member of the Church of England on the Electoral Roll of a parish or mission initiative (or on the Cathedral Roll), you can stand for election to the House of Laity of the General Synod. Candidates for election to the House of Clergy need to hold a licence or PTO in the Diocese of York. If you are interested in standing in either the clergy or lay elections, please visit General Synod Elections 2021 | The Church of England. If you are not a Deanery Synod member and would like information on how to be nominated please contact Kirsty McCullough at the Diocesan Office – kirsty.mccullough@yorkdiocese.org.

Even if you don’t stand for election, you can make a difference by voting for the Diocesan representatives. All beneficed and licensed clergy and lay members of Deanery Synods (except co-opted members) are eligible to vote, and voting takes place between Friday 17 September and Friday 8 October.

All our candidates will be clergy and laity from the Diocese of York. Proposers, seconders and electors must be qualified electors as at 6.00am on Monday 12 July 2021 – the date General Synod was dissolved. Qualifications are set out in the Election Portal or on the reverse of the nomination paper. The clergy will vote to elect 6 CLERGY and laity to elect 6 LAY people to serve on the General Synod for the next five years.

In closing there are a few final things about the elections just to mention:

  1. Please can you ensure that if any changes are needed to your name, address or email address during the election period, you inform both your Deanery Synod Secretary and Diocesan Office.
  2. When the ballot papers are sent out on Friday 17 September 2021, you will also be supplied with election addresses from the Candidates who provide one. You will be invited to read the election addresses and then vote for the candidates in order of preference – i.e. indicate which candidate you wish to give your first preference vote, second preference vote and so on down the list as far as you choose to go. This method of voting is known as Single Transferable Voting.
  3. This year the Diocese will hold on-line hustings meetings via Zoom on Monday 27th September 2021. The meeting for the Clergy will commence at 5.00 pm and for the Laity at 7.30 pm. This is a great opportunity for voters to hear candidates speak about their vision for the Church of England and enable you to make a more informed decision about who we want to serve in what will be a transformative time for our church.

We invite you to join in re-equipping God’s Church for mission in future generations.

Best wishes


Please see the following downloads; information will follow soon about how to obtain nomination forms and what to do with them.
[30 July]