More than 300 stones have been added to the ‘The Ukraine Road’ inside Stokesley Parish Church.

Many of the pebbles are painted in the Ukrainian colours and carry messages of hope written by children from Stokesley Primary Academy.

One stone reads “I stand by Ukraine”, another says “Peace, respect, stay safe”.

Two others say “Hoping the best for you” and “Don’t lose hope, may God be with you”.

Over 150 children from the school visited the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul and spent time thinking about what it might be like to be a refugee.

Head of school, Mrs Graham said she was delighted with the children’s “Thoughts of kindness and empathy”.

Executive Principal Mr Cowley added “Thank you to all the adults involved and well done to the pupils”.

The idea came from a member of Stokesley Parish Church when she was watching refugees on the news, struggling along a half-built path with all their bags.

Priest-in-Charge the Revd Ben Gunter said “We invite everyone to come and add their stone to The Ukraine Road as a way of remembering those who have been forced to take to the road. Our prayers are with them as we look at practical ways to help.”