The Diocesan Surveyor will make a quinquennial inspection to put in hand necessary repairs and external decoration. This won’t necessarily happen when you move in. You have a duty to take proper care of the house, equivalent to that of a tenant to use the premises in a tenant-like way.

It is a legal requirement that the gas appliances and fittings in your house are inspected once a year by a qualified engineer and that a certificate is issued. A test of the electric circuits is mandatory every 10 years or at a change of occupant. In diocesan houses the Diocesan Property Team makes the arrangement for these inspections to be carried out.


The Diocese insures the buildings as part of a block insurance policy. You are responsible for the insurance of the contents.

Alterations, adaptations or improvements

Improvements to the property will have been reviewed during an interregnum and some will have been carried out. Improvements are also possible during occupancy as part of the ongoing investment in the diocesan property estate. The Property Team will make contact and consult with you directly if any improvements are proposed whilst you are in occupancy.

If there are any improvements you wish to be carried out – either at your own, or diocesan expense – they should be referred to a member of the Property Team for permission or consideration prior to execution. The same applies to adaptations or alteration. The Diocese has in place a policy to try to adapt property to meet the needs of clergy – and resident dependants of clergy – with disabilities.


Full current guidelines for clergy and lay personnel in occupation of parsonages and other Diocesan properties are sent out with information to new appointees, and are available to download below.

Assistant Curates

A curate’s house can be the property of either the parish or the diocese and is insured by whichever of these is the owner. Make sure you know who owns your house.

The diocese carries out a quinquennial inspection of all curates' houses, and the responsibility for the upkeep of your property, during your appointment, broadly lies with the appropriate owner. With regard to the Gas & Electrical tests referred to above it is the responsibility of the PCC to see that these are carried out and the appropriate compliance certificates issued.

If the diocese owns the house, all of the guidelines in foregoing sections above apply. If the PCC owns the property then the references to the Diocesan Property Team should be referred to the PCC.

Do remember that in all instances the relevant Archdeacon has oversight and responsibility for clergy housing standards and should be referred to if problems arise with regard to property maintenance. You are responsible for the insurance of house contents.


The Diocesan Property Team is based at the Diocesan Office: Diocese of York, Amy Johnson Way, Clifton Moor, York YO30 4XT; (01904 699520)

Lisa Whitley ( or 01904 699526) is the Clergy Housing Co-ordinator and is contactable at the Diocesan Office to assist in housing matters.

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