Fresh Expressions are what we call new forms of church for a fast-changing world, working with Christians from a variety of denominations and traditions.

The initiative has resulted in hundreds of new congregations being formed alongside more traditional churches.

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Fresh Expressions of Church in the Diocese of York include:

G2, York

G2 meets every Sunday at 3.45pm and at 6.30pm at Central Methodist Church, St Saviourgate in York, and during the week around the city in 'Hubs'.

If you're interested in exploring the Christian faith, or maybe just find traditional church difficult, then G2 might be for you.

G2 is a cafe-style event and we exist to help people discover and follow Jesus Christ.

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G2 is part of St Michael-le-Belfrey, York

Visions Multimedia worship, York.

Visions is an alternative service which meets most weeks in St Cuthbert's church, Peasholme Green, York and is part of St Michael-le-Belfrey.

We have sofas and beanbags to sit on, the services are at candlelit level, the walls are painted with images and there are music and songs provided by DJs and singers.

There is often space for discussion and creative prayer yet there is a sense of history and continuity as we follow the same set of bible themes as traditional churches.

The service pattern is a bit complicated, but we have text reminders if you'd like to be informed of Sunday service times.

1st Sunday of the Month - communion at 8pm 2nd Sunday of the Month - Transcendence (see below) 3rd Sunday of the Month - low Visions at 8pm 4th Sunday of the Month - afternoon Visions at 4pm (this one aims to be child-friendly) 5th Sunday of the Month - night prayer at 8pm.

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The Edge Community, Selby

"Where change is possible" could be the motto of the Edge Community, Selby.

Captain Richard Cooke, Church Army, leads the Selby Centre of Mission, where he is working with Amy Hayes alongside local Christians as they reach out to families of the Flaxley Road estate.

It is one of the most socially and spiritually deprived estates in North Yorkshire, where there is much brokenness and hurt.

Richard and Amy work with the local church to bring the Good News of God's love and power for change in a variety of ways: in the local primary school with assemblies, RE and a Christian after-school club; running DNA youth group and Youth Alpha style meetings; using a converted double-decker bus as Community drop-in and Youth Café.

Out of this a new Christian community has been formed that meets weekly in the Children's Centre. Around 30 children, young people and adults meet weekly, most of whom have no church background, but are growing to know and love Jesus. "I feel really peaceful at church", said one young mum; "I feel most myself."

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Christ Church, Bridlington

The Christ Church Network, Bridlington has various forms of Fresh Expression throughout our network of churches. These include Fresh Expression Churches and Church Plants alongside our traditional services. These include:

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