For more information see Introduction to Safeguarding Training.


This course has recently been replaced with a virtual learning pathway rather than a training session and due to the impact of Covid 19 is currently being delivered through 2 x 90 minute Zoom sessions.

Basic Awareness and Foundation modules must have been completed before the Leadership module.

This course has recently been revised and relaunched as above and will be delivered via Zoom over 2 x 90 minute sessions. There will be particular focus on lay leadership roles.

Required for clergy, chaplains (including Chaplains of the Armed Forces and Lay Chaplains), Lay ministers (licensed, commissioned, authorised etc) readers and spiritual directors.

For anyone who has safeguarding leadership responsibilities or responsibility for leading activities involving children, young people, and or adults that may be vulnerable. This includes but is not limited to: Safeguarding officers, safeguarding lead on PCC, churchwardens, youth and children's workers, pastoral visitors, directors of music, bell tower captains, tell tower teachers, ministry interns, learning centre teachers, Sunday School leaders, departmental directors, lay chapter members, support and link persons, home group leaders, home visitors, ordinands prior to leaving TEI, safeguarding leads in religious communities, choir leaders.

The Learning Outcomes are as follows:

  • Know and understand how the Church's mission and theology should promote a safe and healthy Christina culture and align with safeguarding principles and practices;
  • Know and understand what effective safeguarding leadership behaviours, values and beliefs are, and how they will translate this understanding into practice;
  • Know and understand the impact of abuse on survivors and use this knowledge well as leaders;
  • Use their acquired knowledge in leadership behaviours, values and beliefs to lead the development of a healthy culture within their church body;
  • Promote good preventive safeguarding practice;
  • Promote effective and compassionate responses to disclosure and allegations of abuse and harm;
  • Ensure key safeguarding processes and good practice are followed by them and those they lead.

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Zoom Safeguarding Leadership Pathway  (Session 1) ***FULLY BOOKED***