Local accountants

Using local accountants will mean your PCC’s accounts are well kept, and you’ll have a good personal service. However, there is a cost involved, which could be up to £1,000 a year. You can search for local accounting practices on the websites of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). You could also try an internet search for “Charity accountants in [your location].”

Independent Examiners

The Association of Charity Independent Examiners also has a search tool on its website which allows charities to identify Independent Examiners which are members of the Association in a particular geographical area. Some independent examiners are also able to provide specialist accounting advice to charities.

Voluntary Organisations

www.icaewvolunteers.com is a website run by the ICAEW and CABA (Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association) which aims to match volunteers with vacancies. The site allows charities to “advertise” their vacancy to a pool of volunteers and could be used by any PCC which is struggling to identify a treasurer.

There are a number of Councils for Voluntary Services (CVS) or the equivalent in operation across the Diocese. These organisations exist to support local charities and community groups and are able to provide financial, legal and management advice. Local organisations include:

As well as training and support for Treasurers, some of these organisations are able to provide year end accounts preparation and Independent Examination services (at a cost) but this is not offered uniformly across the diocese.

Special Interest/Support Group

The Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers (ACAT) is a charity which aims to advance the Christian religion through the promotion of the efficiency and effectiveness of Christian churches and Organisations. They provide advice, training and information on accounting, financial, legal and other related issues via handbook, website and advice phone line. Individual membership of ACAT costs £12.50 per annum. The Diocese of York has taken out block membership of ACAT for all church Treasurers and Deanery Financial Advisers.

If you have questions about any of the above, do contact the Diocesan Finance Team on 01904 699534.

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