Written by Bishop Steven Croft (co-author of the Pilgrim Course) 'Pilgrim Journeys: The Beatitudes' provides a short daily reflection, a Bible reading, a prayer and suggested response.

Throughout the season of Lent, the reflections are based on the Beatitudes, as taught by Jesus.

Daily online reflections as extracts from this booklet will be added to this website.

The Archbishop said, “Jesus Christ gave the most powerful and beautiful talk, the sermon on the mount, which begins with eight sayings known as the Beatitudes.

“For some these offer a simple introduction to Jesus, for others they allow for a deeper understanding of the Way of Christ and a way to turn things around.

“However you approach this Pilgrim Journey, I would like to encourage all to make space for God this Lent.

“Allow His word to dwell in you as we all seek to know Jesus better and to become more Christ-like in everything that we are and in everything that we do.”

'Pilgrim Journeys: The Beatitudes', along with 'Pilgrim Journeys: The Lord's Prayer' will be used across the Church of England as part of this year’s LentPilgrim and EasterPilgrim journey.

Watch a roundup of the launch at Bishopthorpe Palace: