The Archbishop of York has appointed David Butterfield (Archdeacon of the East Riding) to be Archdeacon for Generous Giving and Stewardship, and Residentiary Canon of York Minster. David will be based in York and will work across the whole diocese supporting and resourcing churches in the area of Christian giving. This is an area of ministry that David has had positive hands-on experience of at local church level.

David will be a resource for churches to help them increase their income. He will work with churches across the Diocese to strengthen their stewardship, increase giving from their congregations, and discover the joy of Christian giving. He will be working with clergy and Readers at Deanery and parish level to increase confidence in preaching on stewardship, and help churches raise money from legacies.

David Butterfield said, “I have very much enjoyed working across the churches of the East Riding and during my seven years a number of churches have invited me to help them in the area of Christian giving. When we experience for ourselves the generosity of God it transforms our whole outlook on life. Christ invites us to become generous people and his promise: “Give, and it will be given to you" assures us that he will provide for us.”

Archbishop Sentamu said, “I am very pleased that David has agreed to take on this new role. I am excited about our diocesan vision of Generous Churches Making and Nurturing Disciples and I believe we need someone to focus on the ‘Generous Churches’ aspect of this so that it takes root in our diocese. David’s role will be to give guidance and practical support to our churches."

Viv Faull, Dean of York, commented, “The Chapter of York is delighted that David will be joining us and will support the development of the mission and ministry of York Minster with his musical gifts and his experience of enabling Christian communities to grow and flourish. This appointment strengthens the bonds between the Minster and the wider life of the Diocese of York. We are committed to supporting him in this new ministry and we know that David will be a great ambassador for the Minster in the wider diocese.”

Although David will retain the title of Archdeacon, he has chosen to take a reduction in stipend to an incumbent's level. This will reduce the cost to the Diocese of this post. A house (in recent years occupied by those who have helped in the Minster’s liturgical and pastoral ministry) will be provided by York Minster as part of its regular giving to the finances of the Diocese. David will take the role of Archdeacon for Generous Giving and Stewardship for three years, after which the post will be reviewed.

We expect that David will step down from his post of Archdeacon of the East Riding on Monday 26th May. David will be collated and licensed to his new post at a service at York Minster on Monday 23 June at 7.30pm. The process for appointing a new Archdeacon of the East Riding will start immediately.