Have you updated your A Church Near You pages with your Advent and Christmas services and events yet? There’s still time.

A Church Near You receives more than 38.5 million page views each year and 81 per cent of people who come to the site are first-time visitors, so there is a huge opportunity to use the site to encourage local church attendance. Last Christmas, the vast majority of editors who added their Christmas services and events to the site did so in under an hour – more than 90 per cent.

Since you last updated your church’s page, you might find some new features, including:

- The Video Generator Tool: personalise Church of England videos with the name of your church and welcome more people to attend your services and events this Christmas. Generate a video here.

- Benefice homepages. If you edit multiple churches in a Benefice, you only need to add your services once as you can copy them to the other pages you manage.

- Campaign branding on your church’s page. By ticking the campaign box you can use all the #FollowTheStar branding on your page.

- And more!

Find out more about getting your church ready for Christmas on A Church Near You here.

Have you claimed your A Church Near You page yet? If not, follow the simple instructions here