Kev worships at Emmanuel Church, Bridlington, and is part of the Stepping Up group that meets there each week. Kev shares his story in words and in a short film, which was filmed for Easter 2021.

I want to see where this Stepping Up journey into faith is leading, somewhere different, somewhere new. Before I came to Emmanuel, I was looking for something but I didn’t know what I was looking for – then I found it when I started to feel at home. I’m grateful for what I’ve got, for being accepted in this church family – when one hurts, we all feel it.

I was baptised by Bishop Alison on 14th October 2018 and taking Communion means a lot to me, sharing one bread.

People have helped me on the way, they know who they are. They gave me a chance to cook the meal for homeless guests we have here at Emmanuel. I want to give back to organisations that have helped me, so I can help others.

My Vicar says I’m like Heineken, I can get to the parts they can’t reach because I’ve been there myself. This verse means a lot to me – Psalm 63:1 –

God, you are my God, I search for you, I thirst for you, like someone in a dry empty land, where there is no water.