‘Dangling the Carrot’ was the irresistible title of a vegan food event organised by the church families of Haxby and Wigginton, York, to celebrate the goodness of God’s earth, on the Saturday evening of our ‘Come and See’ Diocesan Mission (12-15 March). Lorna Heatley just had to know more:

Visitors walking through the doors of Haxby’s Oaken Grove Community Centre were greeted by the savoury scents of a delectable plant-based feast that was to be shared between friends.

With offerings such as vegan sausage rolls, vegan pasties and chickpea curry, as well as a wonderful array of fruits and home-made cakes, this was a fantastic way of introducing people to the wide variety of plant based and vegan meals that are now on offer.

The evening was led by the Revd Nigel Benson, who thanked his daughter for introducing him to the idea.