This week’s Stepping Up story comes from Laura in Hull. Laura faithfully serves in her church and community of Bransholme. She also brings her voice and experience into the wider church, most recently into the Church of England work on Living in Love and Faith.


Laura's Story

Hi, my name is Laura and I was born and bred in Hull. I studied History and Archaeology at Chester. I moved back to Hull six years ago with my husband and little girl. We then had another child a year later and I started to attend St Johns Church on Bransholme. I am a carer for my mum, which gives me freedom to look after my two little girls, especially during the holidays while my husband works full time.

I’ve been a Christian for over 10 years, but I consider myself to still be learning about Him. I only started to get involved in serving at church about 4 years ago. I started to help at Sunday school then eventually I took on the responsibility of being safeguarding officer and representing our church on deanery synod. I also help to run the foodbank, supporting local people who are struggling in the community. St John’s is a small church serving a big estate, and we are looking forward to a new vicar arriving in January.

I have recently taken part in Living in Love and Faith, a series of videos made by the Church of England exploring identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage. It was an amazing surprise to receive a letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury thanking me!

I am really enjoying being part of Stepping Up, when we meet each week it allows me to focus on God without distractions, as usually at church on a Sunday I am focussed on two young children. Stepping Up gives me a chance to see God and the bible in a different way. I have a busy life (as most do) so I need a push to focus on things, I am hoping that all I am learning will become central to the way I live my life.


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