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Parishes & Benefices

Parishes and benefices make up the Diocese of York family, there are 442 parishes, a mix of tradition and expression

Parish life is full of variety and many elements including a range of legal requirements to service, deadlines to follow, and regulations and guidelines to be aware of from the Church of England, with an expressed focus on the crucial area of safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults. Styles of worship offered between parishes and benefices vary, as will the provision for different age groups. 

Parishes and benefices deal with several finance aspects which can be supported by the Diocesan Finance Team, this support is always valued as churches are charitable institutions and many are run by officers and PCC’s who are made up of volunteers. The primary focus of all our parishes alongside the worship of God, is on the care of people, alongside the need to maintain premises, offer services at various stages of life and be a presence in each community.