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Through our faith and baptism, all are called to follow Christ and serve others.

Called to serve, sacrifice, and seek out the lost.

Most Christians will live out their vocation in a lay capacity, in their workplace, their church and their home. There is a myriad of ways to serve others, and this may find particular focus within the church, whether it be teaching or cleaning, evangelism or administration, leading worship or taking on the vital role of Churchwarden. Other lay vocations will principally find expression through service to the local community. All vocations share a common vitality and bring life to those around them. Although it might be that one fulfils a vocation through a profession such as teaching or nursing, others will serve through street-sweeping or hospitality. To do something for the love of God and for one of the least of these is a complete response to the call of God.

We all have a calling, but sometimes we need help figuring out what this might be or how it might be changing. Sometimes we are clear in our own minds about what God might be asking of us. Other times it is the people around us who identify the ways in which we might flourish in service. For all of us it is the Church, both locally and through its discernment processes, where a vocation can be recognised and affirmed. The wider church, usually in the role of the diocese, is there not to hold you back, but to hold you safely and resource you in ministry.

If you would like to find a Vocation Adviser to speak to about your calling, get in touch with the Vocation Adviser Coordinator or the Diocesan Adviser for Vocations.

The Revd Canon Nick Bird

Diocesan Adviser for Vocations (DDO)

07354 451695

Nick encourages people to consider how they can serve God and their communities by living out their call to follow Jesus.

The Revd Anna Burr

Co-ordinator of the Vocations Adviser Network

Anna co-ordinates the diocesan team of Vocations Advisors who support people wishing to explore God’s call on their life.

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