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Everyday Faith

A national programme to reflect on encountering God in everyday life.

Sammi Tooze

Discipleship Adviser & Strategy Enabler


As Christians, we spend 95% or more of our time outside church buildings and meetings – at home, at work or school, with family and friends and more. Finding and following God in our everyday lives is one of the most important parts of being a missional disciple, and becoming more like Christ.

Since 2017, the Church of England has been working with hundreds of church communities to enable all people to live out the Good News of Jesus confidently in the whole of life, Sunday to Saturday. Faith is connecting with the God who holds all things together. So, faith is found in our joys and cares, in our challenges and conflicts as we lean into God’s presence and guidance. Faith informs our thinking and our actions as we discern how God might be using us in his work. Faith is an ongoing encounter with God. Faith is our everyday existence with the God who holds all things together. Everyday Faith seeks to shape conversations on how we live out our faith in these contexts, and how as church communities we resource this.

Living Everyday Faith enables our diocesan vision of Living Christ’s Story through becoming more like Christ, and living that story as we go about our daily lives. 

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Rhythm of Life 

Based on habits that Jesus asks us to do, our Rhythm of Life invites every individual and every community to adopt these patterns of holy living to abide in Christ and become more like him. 


Deepening our lives of prayer as the foundation of Christian faith.