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Providing you with different areas of support as we outwork Living Christ Story

Resourcing Living Christ’s Story

Resources for the Living Christ’s Story process of transformation, which began in 2021 with deanery and then parish consultations, and continues into spring 2022 with future planning at deanery level.

Deanery Planning Resources

View Archbishop Stephen’s video message to Deaneries about the planning process

Other downloadable resources to support your discussions:

Resourcing the Diocese to fulfil our vision of revitalised growth.

As well as physical resources that will equip parishes to outwork Living Christ’s Story, the Strategy and Transformation team works to guide and resource the continuing development and the implementation of our diocesan vision, ‘Living Christ’s Story’. If you would appreciate support and guidance as a parish, benefice or deanery, please get in touch with the relevant team member below.

Strategic Transformation

Sam Nicol

Director for Strategic Transformation

07511 526917

Sam is taking forward the work done so far in developing the vision of ‘Living Christ’s Story’, working collaboratively to ensure that the consequent transformation programme is set up for success and delivers its strategic goals.

Data and Planning Support

Kristian Shephard

Programme Officer

01904 699515

Kristian works with our Director for Strategic Transformation, including co-ordinating reports across the workstreams and projects of the Living Christ’s Story Transformation programme, and identifying ways of analysing current work strands in order to refocus where necessary.

Digital Transformation

Jonny Hedges

Digital Transformation Lead

07510 182711

Jonny works with diocesan colleagues to ensure that we are making best use of the available technology, helping to build confidence and capability in using the most effective platforms and tools to enable smart working, and equipping them to ensure that digital communications are of the highest quality. He also works with church leaders and others to ensure parishes can navigate the transition to a hybrid way of working where they can embrace the digital world as well the everyday in-person presence in our communities.

Discipleship and Strategy

Sammi Tooze

Discipleship Adviser & Strategy Enabler


Sammi works with both individuals and churches to deepen our discipleship – a key element in helping us become more Christlike. She is champion for discipleship across the Diocese, developing and curating resources which embed faith in everyday life as well as those which help us to pray. She is also involved in enabling the Mission and Ministry Team to support the delivery of “Re-imagining Mission and Ministry”.