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Church Growth, Mission & New Congregations

Read and discover our efforts to ‘grow churches of missionary disciples’ and ‘reach people we currently don’t’.

Welcome to our page which explains the programme work of Growing Healthy Churches, Multiply, Mustard Seed and Revitalise.

The Diocese of York is committed to seeing ‘Revitalised Growth’ and we are committed to becoming more like Christ. Investing in growing the church in places of potential and finding new ways of sustaining ministry in places which will struggle to grow today. We are reimaging ministry and mission everywhere, finding new and better ways to nurture vocations, lay and ordained, whilst finding new and better ways of being church, focusing more time on reaching people we currently don’t and growing as disciples.

Growing churches of missionary disciples will be the best way of reaching new people and is the way we’ll grow those we reach, but also to strive to be younger and more diverse and to move towards becoming a mixed ecology church. In every community we want our churches to be places where the story of Christ is known and lived out, and where we let those stories lead us in the ways we have seen in the Mustard Seed and Multiply initiatives.

Reaching people we currently don’t by living and telling this story, remembering that the story we share is those two stories of what God has done in Christ and what God is doing through the Church down through the centuries and in us.

These pages highlight the initiatives taken by the Diocese of York in growing churches of missionary disciples and reaching people we currently don’t.