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We all have a vocation, given by God in our baptism – called to follow the way of Jesus Christ, and to serve in the world and the church.

We all have a vocation, a calling, given to us by God in our baptism. We have a call to worship, to prayer, to following in the way of Jesus Christ, and also to serve in the world and the church. The primary vocation of all Christians is to love God and our neighbour, and to seek first God’s Kingdom. The ways in which we live this out is likely to come from a combination of our gifts and skills, our passions and availability, and the needs of those around us. Our vocation may seem big or small, but will always be primarily for the sake of other people.

For those who seek to serve in a recognised role within the church, the primary place of vocational discernment is within the parish. There will be a community who knows and trusts you, will recognise your strengths and weaknesses, and may even be suggesting that they recognise something within you that you do not yet see yourself. But public ministry is demanding, and expectations can be great, and so a fundamental part of the discernment process is also formational, as we are formed into the likeness of Christ. The fruit of vocation and ministry grow out of our ever-deepening roots. Whether we are considering exploring ordination or serving in a lay capacity, we work together as the laos, the whole people of God, mutually supportive and encouraging.

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