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Digital Transformation

The opportunity to transform the way we as a Diocese engage with and use digital technology.

Jonny Hedges

Digital Transformation Lead

07510 182711

Society and all that happens pulls us towards the ‘hybrid’ life. As digital technologies flourish and continue to engage in almost every aspect of their life. Whether that be sustaining family relationships, defining self, seeking emotional connection and validation, as well as the more mundane activities of engaging in every-day life such as banking, shopping, managing diaries etc.

This is now the context in which mission happens.

If the use of technology began to feel as natural in the 21st century as the use of hymn books, notice boards and meeting papers has been in the 20th century. There is an opportunity to see this culture change happen in every area of Diocesan life, from parishes to the diocesan office. In part through implementing digital tools, systems and interventions to better engage the community, ministers, church officers and our worshipping communities.

Digital Transformation will support our ambition to be ‘Simpler’ in how we navigate the complexities of church life.

There are a number of ways in which you as a deanery, benefice or parish can benefit from Digital Support. These could be in areas such as:

  • Deanery Planning
  • Communications
  • Infrastructure
  • Worship and Services
  • Systems and Administration
  • Digital Project Support
  • People, Skills and Resources
  • Training and Signposting.

To arrange a video call or phone call to explore digital support further, please click the contact card at the top of this page. 

Digital Labs

Digital Labs are a hub of resources, news and events to support digital evangelism and digital discipleship in your church. We recommend you visit their website and read their blogs and support pages.