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Diocesan Directory

Here to help you connect with others across the Diocese of York

Find and connect with churches, people and places across the Diocese of York.

Church of England Contact Management System

Clergy and Lay officers may request access to the Diocesan database which holds their contact details.

There are instructions for how to register an account for database below (Database – Requesting Access) and then some top tips for how to use the database (Database – Getting Started).

The database can be accessed through the Church of England Portal (select ‘Contact Management System’) along with other services such as Parish Buying, A Church Near You and Parish Returns.

This database allows us to manage information along current data protection guidelines with the added benefit of individual users being able to update their own data as and when needed.

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A Church Near You

If you’re looking for someone or where in particular, below you will find two ways in which you can search. 

A Church Near You is the Church of England’s tool for people to find the nearest church to them with the features that they require. A Church Near You pages vary from place to place but on the whole you can expect to find on ACNY page:

  • Service times and locations
  • Events
  • Contact information for parishes and benefices
  • Safeguarding Information

Click here to use A Church Near You