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Holiday Club @ Home

The Holiday Club is called the Hope Club because we want to offer our communities the opportunity to know our hope is in Jesus the light of the world.

Angela Brymer

Children & Youth Adviser


First designed for use during the pandemic period, this resource is designed to be for use by families in the home, with the support of churches through resource provision and online engagement. It is flexible enough to serve churches who have previously provided successful holiday clubs and those who have never done them before but might have a connection with a small number of families in their community.

The Holiday Club is called the Hope Club because we want to offer our communities the opportunity to know our hope is in Jesus the light of the world.

Messengers from God told people that God’s rescue plan, Jesus was coming, over 700 years before he was born. One messenger, Isaiah, promised that he would be like a light greater than the sun and moon. This was the hope that God’s people held on to for generations. But, when Jesus arrived, many didn’t see the light – the power and love that he shared with those around him – and didn’t see that their hope had been fulfilled. Today, Jesus is still the light of the world and offers us hope in times of darkness. 

How it Works

There are five sessions on offer and two All Age Worship (AAW) outlines. 

Download and read the ‘Planning Your Holiday Club’ which will give you the framework and ideas on how to make the holiday club work best for your church. There is a ‘Notes for Churches’ document for every session which lists the resources that you need for the session as well as extra ideas for fun ways to engage with families in your community.

All the documents you will need for each session are available for download below. 

Because of the complications of copyright when presenting online or pre-recording material, we have commissioned unique videos from Dynamic Dan (for more information on Dan’s work visit his facebook page) and stories and sketches that you can freely use with no issues.

Planning your Holiday Club

Please download the Planning your Holiday Club document to enable to plan a framework for your Hope Club and think through what you want to deliver and how.

If you are considering engaging with families online please read the Guidelines for online engagement to ensure that you consider the safeguarding and copyright implications.

Read the Notes for Churches for each Session for more ideas and extra resources.

Session One – Hope in the Light of the World

Jesus brings sight to a blind man and demonstrates that he brings hope to the world as light – all that is good and true.

Hope Club Session One – Dynamic Dan – Jesus Light of the World

Session Three – Hope in the Provider

Jesus feeds over 5000 people with a small boy’s picnic lunch

Hope Club Session Three – Dynamic Dan – Jesus Feeds Over 5000 People

Session Four – Hope in the Healer

Jesus heals and ill woman and Jairus’ daughter

Hope Club Session Four – Dynamic Dan – Jesus Heals