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Preparing for retirement

The transition into retirement is never easy and straightforward in any walk of life, but for clergy and spouses a little more planning and preparation may be required, especially where housing and finances are concerned.

All clergy are encouraged to begin planning for retirement at least five years before the date they have in mind. The Diocese of York is keen to make the transition into retirement as smooth as possible for all who choose to live here.

Clergy Retirement and Widow(er)s Officers

Responsibility for the care of retired clergy, single or married, is usually delegated by the Bishop to a Clergy Retirement and Widow(er)s Officer in each Archdeaconry who is available to offer support and friendship, especially to those who are housebound or recently bereaved. Sometimes unexpected expenditure can cause financial hardship or distress leaving someone struggling to make ends meet. The Clergy Retirement and Widow(er)s Officers have access to small trusts that may be able to assist and they will be pleased to provide more information.

The current Clergy Retirement and Widow(er)s Officers are:

Cleveland Archdeaconry

Currently vacant – please contact the Archdeacon of Cleveland’s office at 01642 706095

East Riding Archdeaconry

Currently vacant – please contact the Bishop of Hull’s office at 01482 649019

York Archdeaconry

The Revd Dianne Cox, 101 Old Orchard, Haxby, York YO32 3DS

Dulverton Hall

The Church of England Pensions Board has varied accommodation for clergy pensioners throughout the country with their rented and mortgage schemes, including seven supported housing units across the country including Dulverton Hall in Scarborough, in the Diocese of York.